The Road Wave Press Release

“The best product to hit the RV industry in the last 7 years”, said the owner of one of the largest RV Dealership in the Northwest.

The Road Wave Pressure Washer is an high quality on-board pressure washer built into the storage compartment of the RV or Toy hauler. The Road Wave enables the RV owner to have an on-demand pressure washer to clean the windshield of bugs with the press of the power button without requiring external water or power. The Road Wave pulls power from the generator and water from the fresh water tank. The Road Wave goes everywhere you go.

Washing the exterior of an RV can be daunting and time consuming. Pressure washing an RV is not a new idea, many RV owners carry a portable pressure washer with them on their memory making adventures. What makes The Road Wave unique and evolutionary is in the details, quality, and convenience of the unit.

The Road Wave is compact. The industrial quality pump and motor are housed in a 10″ by 13″ commercial grade powder coated metal frame, a small footprint for such a high quality pressure washer. The pump and motor have been laboratory tested and certified at 1000 hours of continuous use.

By design, the motor operates at 1.9 Hp and the pump creates up to 1350 PSI while producing a true 1.9 gallons per minute. Standard pressure washers produce 3 to 4 GPM. The Road Wave’s 1.9 GPM is significantly less which conserves the RV’s water supply and helps keep our world Green. Removing bugs and road grime is easy work for the 1350 PSI generated by the unit while allowing safe washing of factory paint and decaling.

The commercial grade hose reel is only 13″ tall and can be mounted in any configuration the application requires. The most unique feature of the hose reel is the included 50 feet of high pressure ‘Pro-Flex’ non-marring hose. This hose is extremely durable and flexible which makes it easy to handle and easily extracted and retraced from the hose reel.

The convenience is the most obvious advantage over a standard electric pressure washer. There are no waters hoses or power cords to drag around, hookup, and put away. The Road Wave is hard plumbed right into the cold water line of the RV and the 30 feet of included GFI power cord plugs directly into a 110v 15amp outlet in the basement. All water connections (Pex hose and Pex fittings) needed to install the unit are included with is high quality product.

The Road Wave was the brain child of President and inventor Wayde Whitmire. While delivering a freshly detailed high-end coach to a remote customer in Montana, Wayde encountered a common event with RV owners, a swarm of bugs, grasshoppers in this case. A white knuckle drive on a beautiful sunny Montana afternoon was to say the least, not safe. Embarrassed, Wayde handed the keys to his repeat celebrity customer with an apology, as there was nowhere to stop and wash the motor home and the picture view windshield. Wayde had a 90 mile jaunt back home to Missoula and plenty of time to brainstorm. “We have water, we have power, why don’t we build a pressure washer into the RV”.

From an idea to a sketch on paper, a year later, Wayde and his partner Todd Green launched their company GNW Power Products LLC, and have produced the perfect, high end electric pressure washer they call ‘The Road Wave’.

The initial launch of the product was in September at the 2012 FMCA show in Indianapolis and “America’s Largest RV Show” in Hershey, PA. The public response was outstanding. The most dominate response was simply “Great Idea” and of course “Why didn’t I think of that”. The group of RV’s owners that were most excited and “had to have” the new product was the Toy Hauler owners. Having the ability to wash their ATV’s and motorcycles before they put them away in their home away from home was a no brainer. Many Toy hauler owners often carry barrels of water along on their extreme weekends to wash their toys in between races and mud hole runs. The Toy hauler market is a perfect fit for The Road Wave RV Pressure Washer System.

Sales at the FMCA and Hershey show came as expected from the Motor Coach and Toy Hauler customers, but sales also came from unexpected markets. Auto dealers and detailers, farm and ranch owners, dog kennel owners, yacht owners, and home owners. The high quality, convenience, and ease of use was the attraction to these market segments.

“We’re a small company with a big idea. We started off with a great idea for the RV industry and quickly expanded into auto dealerships, Yacht clubs, Golf cart communities, and home owners. The trucking industry really excites us. We’re excited about our product and the additional directions The Road Wave is taking us. The world wants a better pressure washer and we want to bring it to them.” Quayne Green, General Manager, GNW Power Products, LLC, The Road Wave.

Safety, Convenience, Quality. Build to last, The Road Wave is ideal for everyone and allows a safer experience on the road, at the races, or just out having fun.

The Road Wave Pressure Washer System, Anytime! Anywhere!

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