The Road Wave Accessories

Windshield Brush Firm Bristle – $97.00

Road Wave Windshield brush kitRoad Wave Windshield brushThe Road Wave Pressure Washer System is the best electric pressure washer you can own. To make The Road Wave System even better we have made available only the best rv accessories and cleaning products.

The Windshield Brush is incredible. First off it has firm bristles. We offer this brush for cleaning those stubborn bugs and road grime on the windshield. It also can be used for many applications around the home or business. It makes a great deck brush or concrete brush.

The Windshield Brush features a reciprocating motion as well as a rotating motion generated by the water pressure shooting through the brush. The Road Wave Body Brush comes with two 22 inch extensions to make cleaning the highest spots a breeze. RV cleaning made easy. To see the Windshield brush in action watch this Road Wave video.