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We are still on the road and are presently in Green River, Utah heading to Moab tomorrow. Yesterday I stopped at a rest stop to pressure wash the RV and tow vehicle. Took about 10 minutes and 20 gal of water. Very happy with the setup! – Thanks again. – Denny

We have installed and used the Road Wave a few times now. It worked great right out of the box. Your machine has worked great. We have a 50 gallon fresh water tank, so we get 1-1/2 to 2 full washings of our 40 ft. long model out of a full tank. Pressure is great, knocking the most stubborn bugs off the front with little brush scrubbing. – Regards, K. Lee

I love it, it’s so handy I use it all the time. I keep my rig clean and don’t pay someone to wash it. I am looking forwarded to get my hose and wand. That will allow me to do more. Thanks for letting me know about it. – Thanks Rick P.

Hi Todd,
Just wanted to let you know how much I love my pressure washer. I use it more than I ever thought, it so nice to be able to wash my tow car the minute we get to a area that we are staying. Yesterday we pulled into a large parking lot and I washed the windshield and the front, before I was done here comes a guy and asked how I was doing it. With a smile on my face, here it is The Road Wave. Mary and I hope all the best for you and your company. – Thanks, Steve & Mary, Full timers

Used the Road Wave at a half a dozen rest stops and am really happy with it. Got lots of comments from observers. Also finished at home doing a thorough pressure wash in our driveway. I use about 20 gallons per wash of both the coach and toad. – Dennis

Hi Wayde,
I have to tell you about a funny thing that happened, 5 couples including ourselves were traveling together. We stopped at a rest area for a lunch break, when done with lunch I decided to wash the bugs off the windshield, the other guys had made it outside and where at the back of the motorhomes talking like normal. They noticed the spray coming over the top of my RV and they all thought my rig was on fire. Running and screaming they came to find me holding the lance, it was one of those– what the ____ moments. We really love it. When are you getting the soap?

Hey Wayde,
I used the road wave last night on the windshield and front of the coach. It worked as advertised. I removed the big bugs first , then used the windshield brush to do the windshield and it came out great. Next I am going to wash the grime from around all the jacks. The motor is quiet and very easy to change from the wand to the brush. – Thanks again Dennis S.

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  1. Love my new Road Wave. I am installing it my my new shop. Until its built I have used it every week and cant get enough of it!!

    Nice work Wade!

  2. I have one mounted in my garage and it makes washing everything more convenient. The foam cannon eliminates extra scrubbing and the additional spray tips give me more options than my old pressure washer. Everyone should own The Road Wave!

  3. Got the Road Wave 2 and can’t stop washing stuff….mostly because of my wife! Sits in the garage on it’s wall bracket and light enough to take all around the house…love it!! The second hose is a must.

  4. Installed the Road Wave in my new home two months ago and absolutely can not stop using it! It is the most convenient pressure washer system that I have ever used. My wife and kids love it. My boys love using the foam cannon on the vehicles and bikes. We do not have an established yard yet so you can imagine the mud that is in the garage. Its nice to have the Road Wave inside and hooked to the out let so I can clean the garage in minutes without any loud motor or horrible gas fumes to deal with. You hit a HOME RUN Wade!
    Thanks again for a quality product.
    Jeremy Winters..

  5. This is an awesome pressure washer and soooo much more. I just bought one for my mom as well. Compact and powerful. Great product and great company. I highly recommend!!!

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