Road Wave FAQ



Q: The pump seems to lug when starting what should I do?
If the pump hums or doesn’t start up right away when the switch is turned on, just pull the trigger on the gun. This will allow the pressure to release and the pump should start right up.  Every time you power off The Road Wave we recommend pulling the trigger and releasing any water pressure that may have built up in the pump.


Q: What causes the unit to shut off after running it for a long time?
The motor has a thermal protection switch.  The switch will not allow the motor to overheat. If this is a normal occurrence then consider relocating the unit in a larger ventilated area.


Q: How do I dispense soap?


One of the great features of the Gun and Lance is the nozzle.  Pull the tip of the nozzle and it will create the low pressure flow necessary to start the suction to pull soap from your soap container into the soap injection tube.  It will take a few seconds for the soap to travel from the soap container through the 50 feet of service hose.  Once you have finished with dispensing the soap, push the nozzle back for normal high pressure operation.

Q: Can I mount the unit on it’s side?

No, it is a commercial grade motor and has oil in it and will always need to be mounted horizontal.(flat)

Q: The assembled unit is too tall to fit in my RV storage compartment, can I mount the hose separate from the metal frame?

Yes, The hose reel can be taken off the top of the unit and mounted to the side or in a different direction.  You want to ensure the hose will unroll towards you and does not catch on anything that may interfere with the hose reel operation.

Q: The spray is not coming out as pin point as it used to, what can I do to get the spray back to normal?

We provided a tool that you can use to remove any dirt or debris from the nozzle. If this is a common occurrence look into an in line water filter that might prevent debris from getting into the pump and nozzle.

Thank you for purchasing The Road Wave. If you have questions please email us at [email protected]